Ryan Hodgkinson


Ryan was first introduced to Pilates by his sister Heidi, a licensed Physical Therapist and certified Pilates Instructor, to help him with ruptured disks he suffered as a result of numerous abdominal surgeries.

Recognizing the benefits that Pilates provides towards overall health and physical fitness, he completed his 750 hour comprehensive Pilates Machine and Apparatus

Certification in 2008 and has been teaching Pilates full-time ever since. In addition to teaching Pilates, Ryan is a Certified Personal Trainer, TRX Instructor and has 23+ years practicing and teaching martial arts. Ryan draws from all aspects of his training and years of experience to create tailored programs for individual client's needs.

Kate Kern


Kate is a PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher who just recently moved back to the DC area. She taught for many years in Houston, DC, and her hometown of Milwaukee. She remembers being introduced to the “100” for the first time in a mat class at the YMCA and thinking, “This is fun and challenging. I have to tell other people about it!” Her enthusiasm for practicing Pilates quickly grew into a love for teaching. She has worked to build a knowledge base specifically to help her clients free themselves from chronic pain, and build the strength and flexibility necessary to prevent future injuries. It is her goal to help others find the confidence and joy that comes with a body that moves effortlessly through space.

Dr Scott Mcafee


Dr. Scott McAfee is a physical therapist & board-certified orthopedic clinical specialist who believes in a world where anyone can move and live their best.  Originally from Los Angeles and a graduate of both arch-rivals UCLA & USC, Scott loves playing various sports, trail running, traveling the world, blasting loud music, and laughing with friends & family.  Scott splits his time between his role as CMO for MovementX and treating private clients directly in their homes, offices, or fitness studios to help them decrease pain, prevent injury, and live a better life.