Pilates Duet Sessions in Washington DC

Certified Pilates Instructor | TRX Instructor

Duet Sessions, Washington DC

Duet Sessions

Duets are a fun and cost-efficient way to practice the Pilates Method while still receiving personal attention and instruction from our Instructors.

We have clients visiting our Pilates Studio from Dupont Circle, Georgetown, Columbia Heights, Capitol Hill, Cleveland Park, Woodley Park, Washington DC, McLean and the surrounding areas.

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Twist Pilates also offers Duet training sessions. You and your partner work with one of our Certified Instructors on either the Pilates Reformers, Combo Chairs, Mat or TRX’s. Duet are a fun way to practice the Pilates Method with a friend or loved one while still receiving personal attention and instruction from our Certified Pilates Instructors.

Duet sessions are a good fit for you if:

  • You and your partner are of similar levels and have similar fitness goals.
  • You and your partner have similar schedules and both plan on consistent session attendance.

Duet sessions are not for you if:

  • You are recovering from an injury or you have a physical condition or limitation that requires specialized attention and care.
  • You travel and / or you foresee your attendance being irregular.


  • 3 Private One-on-One Sessions

Please call the studio for additional information about duet sessions. We do not match duet partners up and ask that you come with your own partner. **Since the nature of Duets do not allow partners to remain six feet away from one another, we ask that only clients who have been quarantining in the same living space book at this time.