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    I have been working with Ryan for years. He is an excellent Pilates and TRX trainer. Throughout the time I have worked with Ryan, he has customized my workouts to strike the perfect balance between focusing on rehabilitating some significant injuries I've had and pushing me to do new and more challenging exercises when I'm ready to do so. Working with Ryan has substantially improved my fitness level and overall health, and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking Pilates and TRX training.

    -Melissa P.
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    Ryan is fabulous. He is extremely knowledgeable about all Pilates machines, exercises, mat workouts, and also a fabulous general trainer. I saw improvement within weeks of weekly private lessons. He corrects gently and encourages best practices so you won't hurt yourself. He works on root causes rather than immediate symptoms in a holistic approach.

    -Kathe W.
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    About 9 year ago I was diagnosed of a "frozen shoulder" - physical therapy did not really work - my motion was still limited, and my orthopedic surgeon recommended to try pilates.

    After 8 weeks of weekly sessions with Ryan I totally forgot about my frozen shoulder, felt great, lost body fat. So I decided to continue my pilates training, then TRX and a combination of both. Now, after 8 years of training with Ryan I achieved the results I ever imagined was possible -at my 55 I am in much better shape than when I was 25 years old, as I always hated to exercise!

    Ryan is an outstanding trainer - he is very knowledgeable, patient, motivational, focuses on my specific goals and problems (scoliosis is just one of them) - always varies exercises to create an effective workout for me, combining pilates, TX, assisted stretching.

    I highly recommend Twist Pilates to anyone who wants to live a better life!

    -Marina G.
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    Ryan is the real deal. After playing with Pilates on vacation 5 years ago, I came back to DC and began working with him. For the last 5 years, I've been training with him on average 3 days a week, doing Pilates and TRX. Ryan excels at creating an individualized training regimen for his clients, regardless of age or physical condition. He has created a great training routine for me focusing on increased flexibility and strength. On top of that, Ryan moved into his new space 2 months ago and its a beautiful atmosphere to work out in. I strongly recommend you go see him and start your Pilates journey!

    -Paul C
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    I have been going to Ryan for the past 7-years ever since I arrived in DC from LA. I have issues with my back and doing pilates is the only thing that keeps me walking, limber and able to lead a normal life. Ryan is the best trainer. He designs your pilates workout to fit your body and as everyone else on this site says, he is certified in everything. He is the best I highly recommend you give him a try.

    -Carol W.
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    Ryan is a terrific and highly trained Pilates and TRX instructor, among other modalities including martial arts. He brings his extensive knowledge base to deliver a customized training program that fully meets client needs. Also impressive are his ongoing commitment to expand his understanding of the field of body work and to evolve his practice along the way. Ryan is dedicated to supporting the health and wellbeing of all his clients, and I am fortunate to be one of them.

    -Cindy C.
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    Ryan is a fantastic Pilates instructor. Precise, yet imaginative. He also is very helpful with other exercises.

    -Edwin W.
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    I have been seeing Ryan for several years. He knows Pilates! And much more. He is a certified trainer, TRX trained, and a Black Belt in Karate. He always takes into account any physical issues that I am having that day. Pushes me and allows for feedback. Although Pilates & Ryan are both great for anyone with a physical challenge - such as foot surgery & off/on back issues in my case- you do not need to have any issues to benefit from his training.

    He is great a changing things up and utilizing a variety of exercises. The instructions are spot on and his knowledge of movement & targeting specific areas of the body is on par with a physical therapist.

    And I have to mention how nice the facility is with top notch machines, nice bathrooms, clean, & plenty of space.

    -Deb J.
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    I have been taking classes from Ryan for years- through two pregnancies and multiple fitness levels. His classes are always challenging and effective. Ryan does a great job of modifying exercises and tailoring workouts to individuals. Each class is different, so I am never bored and always feel it the next day!

    -Erin W.
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    I have been seeing the owner, Ryan, for individual Pilates sessions for several years now and cannot recommend him highly enough. His mastery of Pilates and the human body have seen me through knee replacement surgery, severe joint pain, and a host of other physical challenges. Ryan is a natural teacher who takes time to help me understand exactly what is going on as he uses Pilates equipment and principles to guide me through aligning and strengthening my entire body, with an emphasis on my core muscles. He is extremely kind and personable and passionate about his work, and I leave every session feeling like I can walk on air.

    Whether you are seeking relief from pain, better physical alignment, or simply an incredible Pilates or strength workout, make an appointment to see Ryan. He will take great care of you.

    -Pamela G.
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    I have had Ryan as my trainer for nearly ten years. He is terrific. Very knowledgeable, pleasant, and easy to work with. Knows several different exercise regimes, Pilates, TRX etc and is very good at solving strength and pain issues, as well as developing overall fitness. He really understands anatomy and how one muscle or ligament affects others. Tailors your workout to your needs and preferences.

    -Thomas G.
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    I had never tried Pilates before coming to Ryan. Soon I absolutely loved it! I found myself getting stronger and the back pain that I had for years began to subside. Having experienced back issues of his own, Ryan was particularly awesome at adjusting exercises to make them appropriate for my situation. I would highly recommend anyone experienced or not to take a class with Ryan!

    -Bettina R.
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    Ryan is a great trainer for a variety of types of exercise. I do both Pilates and TRX with him and he keeps me fit and works to improve my various muscle imbalances due to scoliosis. He really knows how to work with my body and accommodate all of the things that need to be accommodated to ensure I recover from any injuries I’ve had (broken ankle 2.5 years ago as an example). I highly recommend him even though I sometimes curse his name.

    -Karen K.
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    Ryan is probably the the most competent and dedicated fitness instructor in the DC area. He is keen on helping clients improve the areas they need improved. In doing that he often mix different disciplines within pilates with TRX that has proven efficient for fast gains of strength and flexibility. I had to trek to the high Himalayas and had little time to get physically prepared and Ryan put a program together that made me ready and I became ready so the expedition became a breeze. Ryan is always extremely knowledgeable and thoughtful and he teach. He makes adjustment went it make sense and benefit the client.

    -Dorte V.
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    Ryan is one of the best instructors in the business. Worth every dollar spent for his expertise and positive workout experience!

    -Vicki P.