Virtual Sessions

Are you looking for ways to get in shape while you’re stuck at home? Are you tired of aggressive exercises that only put you off with every attempt? If you answered yes to these questions, you’d be happy to know that there is a way to build your body at home through gentle and rhythmic activity, and it’s called Pilates.

In an attempt to help people just like you to take better care of your body, and come out of this quarantine looking fabulous, Twist Pilates has introduced one on one virtual Pilates and personal training sessions. Our virtual classes include online sessions tailored to your unique physical needs and goals that you share with us before we begin.

Our Pilates and personal training sessions are designed to help a range of individuals at home to either begin exercising or continue their exercise regimes under the guidance of a highly experienced and Certified Pilates Instructors. Our virtual sessions are also designed to help anyone struggling with their fitness targets as they can’t go to the studio to develop their personal goals and progress through training plans to reach and surpass their targets.

During these challenging times, our virtual sessions have enabled us to stay in touch with our clients and offer them the same level of experience and attention to detail as we would in person. Similarly, given the current financial challenges, most of our clients are going through right now, we can still help them with our highly economical virtual classes.

Our one on one fifty-minute sessions cost only $65  for a Single Session, $300 for a Package of 5 Sessions, $550 for a Package of 10 Sessions (plus taxes) and are available to you in the comfort of your home. All of our training sessions can be held over FaceTime or Zoom calls, depending on your preference. Where you decide to take part in our classes is completely up to you and your internet connection.

For more information about our virtual private Pilates and personal training sessions, reach out to Twist Pilates by calling us at (202) 505-5229 or emailing us at As a leading Pilates studio in Washington, DC, we have all of the knowledge and certifications required to assist you on your fitness journey. We offer personalized private and duet Pilates sessions designed to meet each of your individual needs and goals. Our highly experienced Pilates instructors work with you to identify your motion limitations and muscular imbalances that pull the body out of alignment. We then apply specific exercises to improve your posture and mobility while progressively challenging your flexibility and full-body strength.