-Marina G.

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About 9 year ago I was diagnosed of a "frozen shoulder" - physical therapy did not really work - my motion was still limited, and my orthopedic surgeon recommended to try pilates.

After 8 weeks of weekly sessions with Ryan I totally forgot about my frozen shoulder, felt great, lost body fat. So I decided to continue my pilates training, then TRX and a combination of both. Now, after 8 years of training with Ryan I achieved the results I ever imagined was possible -at my 55 I am in much better shape than when I was 25 years old, as I always hated to exercise!

Ryan is an outstanding trainer - he is very knowledgeable, patient, motivational, focuses on my specific goals and problems (scoliosis is just one of them) - always varies exercises to create an effective workout for me, combining pilates, TX, assisted stretching.

I highly recommend Twist Pilates to anyone who wants to live a better life!